Vitaliv Club

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from your dietary supplements

Vitaliv Club is more than an online store for high-quality dietary supplements, at smart prices. We help you set and achieve your personal health goals.

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Achieve your personal health goals


High-quality approach

Vitaliv Club members can choose from a wide range of Vitaliv's dietary supplements, in all the major areas, to support their health, united by a high-quality approach:

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    Advanced production technologies

    We work with only the best manufacturers and use advanced production technologies.

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    Tested formulas and carefully ingredients

    Our experienced nutritionists and manufacturing experts ensure that only tested formulas and carefully selected specialized ingredients are used.

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    Quality control

    Strict compliance controls and the highest international quality standards are used in all stages of production.



Vitaliv Club smart price

One of our main principles is the smart price for our high-quality products. At Vitaliv Club, you reap all the benefits of well-being without financial challenges.

SMART price

of the products

One of the main principles of the Vitaliv Club

For your convenience, Vitaliv Club offers two levels of membership.
Basic Club membership is always FREE.
You may switch to a Premium Club membership at any moment, starting your second order.

Vitaliv Club Membership — a lot of privileges!

Basic membership offers you access to a wide range of our products and convenient services.

Premium membership is designed for well-being lovers who want to get even more! Our Premium members:

  • shop our products paying 30% less than the regular Club price.
  • save up to $200-400 a year by supporting the whole family's health and purchasing all at once.

That's about $4 per month


1-year Premium VITALIV CLUB membership

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    Family budget

    Support the whole family's health by purchasing all at once making it easy to budget with significant savings.

  • cashback


    With the Vitaliv Club Cashback System, you can afford even more.

By using all of Vitaliv Club’s features, you can save up to several hundred dollars a year!

Our customers save on average per year

$200 – $400


Vitaliv Club's members get the everyday motivation to reach their goals

  • Vitaliv Club App: Help and support in reaching your nutritional goals

    In order to get the full benefit of our dietary supplements, it’s important to take them regularly and as suggested. With the Vitaliv Club App, it is easy to integrate healthy habits into your everyday life.

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      Unobtrusive Reminders

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      Refill Supplies in 1 Click

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      Progress Tracking

  • The Vitaliv Club blog: Your library of handy knowledge for well-being

    Try our collection of tips and info to live a long and active life.

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      Our experts discuss important points in clear and concise language, and share proved life hacks.

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      Quizzes help consolidate knowledge in a playful way.

  • Referral program Together: Your contribution to the development of the community

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      Share your Vitaliv Club membership experience with your loved ones and create a support network for yourself and become a pillar of support for those around you.

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      Get rewards and bonuses from the Club every time someone you know joins our community.



54 reviews

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  • Shelli


    My sister told me about the Vitaliv Club. I decided to give it a try after they offered a one month free trial. My first choice was Sleep Support and 5-HTP. Before, there... Read more

  • Bernard


    Since I heard so many positive things about Vitaliv Club and its health benefits, I started taking Turmeric & Ginger from Vitaliv. Since I had a lot of joint pain, I chos... Read more

  • Kim


    I have been a member of the Vitaliv Club for 3 months now. And for me, as a lover of food supplements, this is a real find. I buy supplements for myself and my family at ... Read more

How do you become a Vitaliv Club member?
Become a Basic Vitaliv Club member. It's free!
Make your first order to start your free Basic Club membership. To remain a Basic Club member, just keep buying from us.
Choose from a wide range of high-quality dietary supplements to start achieving your health goals
Use 1-click easy orders
Get cashback and save more on upcoming orders
Track your supplement intake, see your progress and stay motivated to keep supporting your health
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Switch to a Premium Vitaliv Club membership if you want more!
Starting from your second order, you can become a Premium Vitaliv Club member at any moment and shop for our products, paying 30% less than the regular Club price.

That's about $4 per month


1-year Premium VITALIV CLUB membership

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Vitaliv Club membership
is your right choice, always!
There are no hidden or automatic payments for products or memberships! You pay only for products you've ordered.
To become a Premium Club member, add the Premium membership fee to your order.
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