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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the membership work?

Vitaliv Club members can choose from a wide range of premium quality Vitaliv's dietary supplements, at fair price, to support your health in all the major areas.

Support the whole family's health by purchasing all at once. Use our Cashback system. This makes it easy to budget with significant savings.

When you shop with us, you can choose any products for yourself or your loved ones without limitations and place as many packs as you want in your cart.
When you’re ready for a refill, simply place your next order. It is completely within your control.

Please note that Vitaliv Club is not a subscription and doesn't include any automatic orders or payments. We will send you only those products which you have ordered.

How can I become a member of the Vitaliv Club?

We invite you to try out a one-month membership to Vitaliv Club FOR FREE! To activate your trial period, just make your first order.

Activate your trial membership by completing your first order:

Choose any products and put as many packs as you want into the cart. The free trial period will be included in your order list.

During your trial membership, place as many orders as you like. There are no hidden or automatic payments for products or memberships! Pay only for the products you've ordered.

An annual membership to Vitaliv Club costs $49 (that’s just $4 per month!). You can pay for your annual membership by placing your first order, at the end of your trial period.

Why should I pay for the membership?

Vitaliv Club's fee allows a balance between high quality and good price, as well as the development of handy services and a great product line.

We work with only the best manufacturers, and use advanced production technologies.

Our experienced nutritionists and manufacturing experts ensure that only tested formulas and carefully selected specialized ingredients are used.

Strict compliance controls and the highest international quality standards are used in all stages of production.

We help you get maximum benefits from you dietary supplements and support you in reaching your nutritional goals.

Can I return the products? What if I don't like something?

If you have purchased Vitaliv products and are not satisfied for any reason, you can return them within 14 days and receive full compensation.
Get in touch with us and we will take care of everything.

Please note that you can return the products only if the packs were not opened and the packaging is left intact.
Also, please note that we don't compensate for the cost of delivery to return the products.

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your Vitaliv Club membership by simply not buying our products.

When your current membership expires, your access to the products will be restricted.
Please note that we do not offer refunds for the current membership.

How long should I take dietary supplements?

Our products are not a medicine or a drug. They are nutritional supplements.

Nutritionists say that it usually takes from 3 months to a year to provide your body with enough useful microelements. The time it takes varies from person to person.

Why? The reason is the so-called plateau effect.
Once you start taking any dietary supplement, the accumulation of nutrients grows exponentially until it reaches a plateau. It is a steady-state effect where rates of nutrients' absorption and loss are balanced.
Regular intake of high-quality dietary supplements will help preserve the level of nutrient concentration, and you may experience normal body function. If you stop using food supplements, this level starts to gradually decline. Sooner or later, it will return to its initial state.

I already follow a balanced diet. Do I risk overdosing on nutrition if I also take supplements?

It is nearly impossible to overdose on supplements.
If you are still concerned, please consult your doctor.

When will I experience the effect?

Some people will notice a fast effect, while others may have to wait several months to see results.
Just remember: dietary supplements can never replace a healthy and active lifestyle, but it is a good supplement for your diet.

Are there any side effects?

The ingredients in our products are high quality and do not differ from those found in food, and the chance of side effects is therefore minimal.