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Our story

  • The history of Vitaliv began in 2014, in Norway and came from the objective of promoting and maintaining both our health and that of our loved ones.

  • We did a deep dive into how nutrition and lifestyle influence our well-being and how to use this to achieve positive health goals.


This is how we came to create our own line of high-quality dietary supplements

We created a professional team, which includes experienced nutritionists, experts in dietary supplement production, and specialists in the field of healthy longevity.

We’ve selected only the highest quality and most effective solutions for our products, which are based on the Norwegian ideals of respect for both nature and individual health.


Thousands of happy customers

From over eight years on the market, Vitaliv has won the trust of hundreds of thousands of clients in Scandinavia and Central Europe.


years of experience
in Europe and UK


from population of Norway and Scandinavian countries choose our products

We strive to ensure our experience brings the greatest benefits to as many as possible

Now we’re here in America to offer our best.

We understand the importance to our clients to set up their health goals and move toward the daily care of their physical and emotional needs.

We’ve found a way to support you along your journey to good health.


Vitaliv Club: Building Smart Well-Being Together

At Vitaliv Club we:

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    Help you develop healthy habits

    and achieve your health goals with simple and easy-to-use motivational tools.

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    Share our library of useful

    knowledge in the field of

    well-being and longevity, healthy tips, life hacks and quizzes to help consolidate your needs with ease.

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    Develop our product line, focusing on your needs.

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    Reward you with bonuses when you refer your friends and help them learn about the Club and share your impression of our products.


Let’s invest in a healthy longevity together!

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